Who We Are

Pinakiin designs is into practice since the last Nine years catering to multiple Corporate Companies and Prominent Builders and Developers in Pune, Indore, Gurugram, Bangalore and other prominent cities. At Pinakiin, we are a team of Architects and Designers working holistically on design and execution. Our focus is on creating timeless, classic spaces paying close attention to raise the envelope of our work with our client needs. 

Pinakiin Designs (Design & Build) is an intelligent, technologically enabled proprietary system developed by us that removes human error by 3D site scanning, uses actual BIM models from manufacturers in Design, helps Co-Create the design with client in VR, provides BOQs within 24 hours, minimizes on site work and schedule by utilizing Off-Site Production; identifies & corrects conflicts in Design & Engineering individually helping clients track Logistics and Delivery Line, with the added advantage of providing a Singular Point of Cost Quality & Schedule Control for the Client.

Our Inclusion

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At the heart of everything we do are our core values of Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Trust, Honesty and Excellence. We believe in a culture of collaboration, underpinned by integrity and the aspiration to excel in everything we do. These values guide the selection of our clients, the relationships with our business partners, the recruitment of our team members, and the delivery of our services.


Amit Agrawal is a branding architect and interior designer. Along with specialization to design buildings, he is always enthusiastic to complete his projects in time.

As soon as he finished the course of business administration, he stepped into the field of interior design and architecture. He has worked with famous architect of Pune Nita Kulkarni, to polish his art and to understand each and every lacuna of the field. At present he is working in Indore besides it he takes care of the projects in Pune also.

Great art always has been and it must always continue to be the sincere and intimate expression of the people. So Amit has his own eye on future development.

He suggests to his client according to the need of time for which purpose building should be built at which place. He is very much determined and expert. He believes to complete his projects before time.

After completing the projects of hotels, educational institutes, large area plots, and villas, now he is concentrating towards designs of commercial areas especially working places.

Our Team

Amit Agrawal


Amit’s strategic to host space framework to the most significant levels and measures of business away for customers and accomplices and make a world-class working environment for representatives.


These are the guideposts that shape our behaviour and define our culture:

Our Philosophy

Our purpose is not only to make the constructions attractive but also to give facilities according to the demand of our customers. All constructions are so economic and useful that the client gets full satisfaction as he spends money of his hard work. As we compete with the time to most of our projects get completed before time. Clients are happy as it saved money and time.

Our vision

When it comes to our projects, our vision is to achieve complete comfort for our clients. Along with that, it is very vital to us that our spaces help our customers achieve whatever goal they have in mind, at any given point of time. We want to grow our business on the message of authenticity and dependability in our designs, in our constructions, and also in our communication.